About Denise

pic-denis“As a hairstylist and colourist, I am trusted by my clients to bring their inner

beauty to the outside. I have the best job in the world!”

-Denise Meikle, Owner of Salon Origins

Who Is Denise Meikle?

I am a proud member of the hair industry. I started fresh out of high school with a low-level entry in a hair salon. The owner of the salon didn’t think I had what it takes to be a hairdresser, and she hired me to try to dissuade me from pursuing a hairdressing career. She was tough. I persevered. No one could get between me and my passion. I knew this was my calling.

With her blessing I continued through formal training and graduated to hairstyling, becoming an ambitious and award-winning colourist and educator. I added entrepreneur to my list of credentials when I opened Salon 5 Seventy, now Salon Origins, in Vancouver, Canada, in 2010.

In Goldwell and KMS California, I have found an organization dedicated to every aspect of hair and wellness while having a community and global impact.

I am proud and excited to offer, together with Goldwell and KMS, a new eco-friendly and sustainable way to serve my clients in all their hair and beauty needs. We also have partnered up with Green Circle Salons recycling program and manage to recycle 90% of our waste. In 2014 we diverted a total of 791 pounds of waste from our landfill spaces and water streams. Now that’s something to be proud of!